Book Review: Dragon Mountain – Katie and Kevin Tsang (Guest Review)

Hello! Today’s review is of Dragon Mountain by Katie & Kevin Tsang, a children’s book published by Simon & Schuster in September 2020. I’ve been lucky enough to have had some guest posts previously on Beverley Has Read written by Lucy, my friend’s 9 year old daughter. She loved reading and reviewing, The Tigers In The Tower, Toletis and Lampie so when she asked me if she could write a review of Dragon Mountain to post on my blog I had absolutely no hesitation in saying yes.

My thanks to the lovely Lucy for taking the time to read the book and write this review.

So without further ado, read on to see what Lucy thought of Dragon Mountain by Katie & Kevin Tsang.

About The Book

When 12-year-old Billy Chan finds out his parents are sending him to a summer camp in middle-of-nowhere China he doesn’t know what to expect. There he meets fellow campers Dylan, Charlotte and Ling-Fei and together they stumble upon an age-old secret: four powerful warrior dragons, hidden deep within the mountain behind the camp. They have been trapped since an epic battle with the Dragon of Death and need the children’s help to set them free before terrible evil is unleashed on the earth. Billy and his friends must set off on a dangerous adventure that will take them to the heart of the Dragon Realm. But can they save the dragon and human worlds from destruction?

Lucy’s Review

This brilliant book of friendship and dragons made me feel warm inside. I am one of the biggest fans of mythical creatures so I couldn’t miss this awesome novel. I love all the creative dragon characters, especially Xing! This book has brought suspense, happiness and power. The types of dragon and their description are extremely creative. The tale consists of a boy called Billy and his friends who meet some extraordinary new friends in a way that is enthralling and page-turning.

This action-packed adventure is like nothing before and has mysteries round every corner! I will always treasure this and it brings fiery dragon light to every day! This is an imaginative tale that will stop at nothing to give joy and happy thoughts to children and adults of any age!!

Where You Can Buy It

Dragon Mountain by Katie & Kevin Tsang was published in September 2020 by Simon and Schuster Children’s Books and was also Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month. It is out now in paperback.

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