Blog Tour Review: Toletis – Rafa Ruiz (Guest Review)

Hello! I have something a little different today, a review of a children’s book called Toletis by Rafa Ruiz. Being a fully fledged grown up with boring things like a job and a mortgage I didn’t think I was best placed to review a children’s book. Fortunately I know a lovely little girl called Lucy who is a real bookworm so I asked if she’d like to read and review for my blog and she said yes! Yay!

Toletis by Rafa Ruiz, translated by Ben Dawlatly and Elena Hormiga

About Lucy

Lucy is 7 1/2 and lives with her mummy, daddy and brother in the North East of England. She is a wonderful little girl who absolutely loves reading, so much so that when I asked her to tell me her favourite books it took her a full day to decide! She did manage to narrow it down, eventually, to; Fox Friend by Michael Morpurgo, Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder Time Travel Bath Bomb by Jo Nesbo, The Creakers by Tom Fletcher, The Tales of Beedle the Bard and Dolphin Island, Lost at Sea by Jenny Oldfield.

When she doesn’t have her nose in a book she loves going to Brownies, swimming, drawing and writing. She has written some brilliant stories about secret worlds hidden behind keyholes which feature marshmallow machines and Storm Queens and I think we may have a budding JK Rowling our midst!

Lucy’s Review

Toletis wasn’t as I thought it would be, judging by the cover and blurb. But, I loved Toletis and the misty wonderful valley he lives in. The mist coming to visit the valley is my favourite part because the mist plays and talks to Toletis and he tells it his secrets. The mist helps anything it touches, like the old house that looked like a scary witch’s house and the mist made it into a normal cottage.

Toletis is my favourite character, he is amazing and enchanting – a little boy with a big mind. He is just like me as he sometimes has a different way of thinking to other people. Like if it was raining he might say the sun just needs a little rest and the clouds are running around the sky because they need to be active. His dog, Amenophis, is so cute and his friend, Tutan is so good at very fluently talking to animals. I love the smiles on everyone’s kind faces in the pictures.

I laughed at the things Claudia and Tutan said, they were quite funny. It was hard to find out what some of the Wobbegong’s words meant, but Bellington woots means – well I think it means – Wellington boots! I really like it in the first two chapters when the treenie weenies come in! They were scared of the children but they got used to them, luckily Tutan could talk to them.

I always calm down after reading Toletis because he and his friends are peaceful and gentle.

Definitely for 7 to 107 year olds!

By Lucy, age 7 1/2.

Lucy absolutely loved this book and I have it on good authority from her mummy that she has read it another five times since first receiving it in July. She was really inspired by the book and even drew some of the characters featured in Toletis.

About The Author, Illustrator and Translator

Rafa Ruiz

Rafa Ruiz

Rafa Ruiz is a journalist and author who has a staunch commitment to culture, art and the environment. He spent 25 years at Spanish newspaper El País and is a partner-founder of the Press Association for Environmental Information (APIA). He has written numerous children’s books, and he codirects the Mad is Mad art gallery in Madrid which gives space to up-and-coming artists. He is one of the partner-founders of the Press Association for Environmental Information (APIA).

Elena Hormiga

Elena Hormiga

Elena Hormiga is an illustrator with a sense of humour. She studied and worked as an engineer and later turned to illustration.

Ben Dawlatly, translator

Ben Dawlatly

Ben Dawlatly took an MA in Hispanic Studies and Translation Theory at UCL. He translates both technical and literary texts. However, his real calling is in fiction and poetry.

Where You Can Buy It

Toletis, by Rafa Ruiz, illustrated by Elena Hormiga and translated by Ben Dawlatly is out now and can be bought here.

My thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for an invitation to join the Blog Tour and to the publisher Neem Tree Press for a copy of the book. And a huge thank you to Lucy for taking the time to read the book, write such a lovely and thoughtful review and draw such wonderful pictures.

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