Book Review: Your Closest Friend – Karen Perry

Your Closest Friend

About The Book

She saved your life.

One hot, humid night in London, Cara is caught up in a wave of terror and chaos. Until a hand reaches out – and a stranger pulls her to safety.

She knows your darkest secrets.

Taking refuge with her unlikely rescuer, Cara shares more of herself with Amy than she ever has with anyone, including her husband. But after the hours of darkness are over, she can’t remember exactly what secrets she revealed. Cara attempts to put it all behind her. But cracks begin to show in her life and marriage, and she starts to receive anonymous threats.

She’s your closest friend.

As Cara’s life begins to skid out of control, Amy reappears, offering to help. Amy is only person Cara can turn to, who knows her hidden side. Amy saved her that night. But what if the biggest threat to Cara is the stranger she’s invited into her home?

She’s your worst nightmare.

My Review

This book grabbed me from the first few pages with its shockingly terrifying depiction of a terror attack on a London street. Cara, our protagonist, is caught up in the attack when heading home after drinks in a bar and she quickly realises she is in grave danger. The next thing she knows she is being bundled into a coffee shop and is taking refuge in the store-room. Terrifying events are taking place on the streets outside and the utter fear that she feels causes her to reveal dark and destructive secrets to the woman who rescued her; Amy. When the night is over she doesn’t think that she will see Amy again and her secrets are safe, but Amy feels a connection with Cara and wants to be part of her life.

This is a book with mystery at is heart. It is glorious to read a book that makes you constantly search out answers and it is even better when these things are hinted at and kept tantalizingly out of reach. Questions like; ‘what is the secret that Cara told Amy?’, ‘why does Amy want to be so close to Cara?’ and ‘who was Cara with the night of the terror attack?’ kept me furiously turning the pages. Clever writing kept me off kilter and I didn’t quite know what was going to happen. On the surface everything seemed fine but there was something that made me feel something was dreadfully wrong, but then; had I misjudged it?

Your Closest Friend has an incredibly modern premise – it felt very current and now and incredibly believable. Cara and Amy are both wonderful characters who are flawed and not entirely likeable which just added to the tension. Despite their flaws I really cared about what happened to them and the chapters depicting Amy’s past in particular were wonderfully written and utterly compelling. I found her to be an incredibly interesting character and her inner voice was compelling to read. I sympathised with her at times and wanted to know more about her psyche.

What I found really interesting and exciting to read though was the exploration of infatuation and how damaging it can be. It is hard to say too much about this without ruining things but this combined with secrets, lies and mistruths created a perfect melting pot of devastation. Throw in some threat and deception and this is a great and thrilling read.

Karen Perry is fast becoming a favourite author of mine. I read Can You Keep A Secret  last year and really loved it and found Your Closest Friend to be another solid book. It is wonderfully and cleverly plotted with great characterisation and really draws you in. It is a bit of a roller-coaster ride and is a great psychological thriller.

My thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher Michael Joseph for asking me if I would like to read Your Closest Friend. Your Closest Friend was published on the 1st June 2018 in ebook and can be bought in here.



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