Book Review: Our House – Louise Candlish

Our House

About The Book

On a bright January morning in the London suburbs, a family moves into the house they’ve just bought in Trinity Avenue.
Nothing strange about that. Except it is your house. And you didn’t sell it.

For better, for worse.

When Fi arrives home to find a removals van outside her house, she is completely blind-sided. Trinity Avenue has been her family’s home for years. Where are all her belongings? How could this have happened? Desperately calling her ex-husband, Bram, who owns the house with her, Fi discovers he has disappeared. 

For richer, for poorer.

The more Fi uncovers, the more she realises their lives have been turned upside by a nightmare of their own making.  A devastating crime has been committed, but who exactly is the guilty party? What has Bram hidden from her – and what has she hidden from him?

 Till death us do part.

My Review

Our House is a psychological thriller with an intriguing premise. Fiona (Fi) returns home one day to find a removal van outside her house in London’s suburbs and a family moving in. They insist that they own the property, they have spent £2 million buying it, have done searches, met with solicitors, contracts have been exchanged and signed – so why does Fi know nothing about it? Are they imposters? Has there been a terrible mistake? Is she a victim of fraud? All of this and more goes through her mind. She is unable to get in touch with her husband, Bram, his mobile is switched off and her children are nowhere to be seen. Told via a clever narrative structure of flashbacks, present day and multi-person viewpoints the story is unfolded slowly and the reader is drip-fed clues and information.

This book is chock full of twists and turns and when I say full, I mean full! So much so that it makes it a little difficult to review lest I inadvertantly let something slip. What I will say is that it has excellent plotting – Louise Candlish seamlessly weaves the different strands together and handles the complex narrative structure well. It is a page turner and I didn’t find it difficult to know which time frame I was reading about or whose ‘voice’ it was. Our House deals with the domino effect of one action upon a normal middle class family. The characterisation of Fi, Bram and their friends is on point and I enjoyed seeing how they changed and developed as the domino effect took over.

For me though, I found it erred on the side of being a little too twisty and although I enjoyed the book and thought the premise was brilliant, it fell short. Some things felt unrealistic and stretched the realms of credibility slightly. It is a perfect holiday read though and is a book that will keep you absorbed and wanting to know what happened next.

My thanks to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for an advanced copy of Our House by Louise Candlish in return for an honest review. Our House is published now and can be bought here.





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